Carmela Fierro

Workshop Assistant Training Director

Carmela Fierro has been part of the Montessori Community for more than 40 years. Carmela has a degree in Art History, a Children’s House and Workshop guide, as well as being an Assistant Workshop Trainer.

Her experience as a Guide allowed her to direct the National Workshop Course, and she was also a supervisor and advisor at Montessori schools for several years, as well as a collaborator in the courses for parents under the direction of Cato Hanrath and Silvia Dubovoy.

Over the last few years, Carmela has become an essential part of the Montessori movement, not only in Mexico but internationally; She working as a speaker, examiner and AMI Workshop consultant.

Likewise, Carmela serves as director of the AMI certification for Workshop Assistants in different Training Centers in Mexico and Peru.