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Montessori Stoppani  offers in-depth courses and workshops in the Montessori methodology to assist schools in their mission.

Our workshops and talks for parents are designed to assist parents and educators to expand knowledge of the principles of Montessori Education, to deepen their understanding of human development throughout the different stages of development, and to acquire practical tools to apply in their interactions with children.

Our workshops are relevant to Parents, Early Childhood Education Teachers, Administrators, and any entrepreneur in the field of Education.

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Workshops for Teachers

These workshops are aimed at teachers of all levels. Keeping a motivated and updated team is the best tool for a successful school.

Courses available for 2023-2024

Upcoming workshops

1. The art of becoming a storyteller to awaken the imagination of children aged 6-12.

Workshop in Spanish

This workshop will cover how to create stories that appeal to the reasoning mind, human tendencies and the vivid imagination so characteristic of workshop children. Likewise, we will talk about the characteristics that must be taken into account to develop those small stories that will fuel the children’s curiosity and help us awaken in the guides, assistants and parents, that creativity so necessary to work with children of this age. .

We must create, rescue and disseminate stories that speak about our culture and the men who, through their creativity, forged history and said culture.

Dates and times

Introductory workshop- Saturdays, December 2 and 9

9:00am-12:00pm (PST)


Carmela Fierro


$70 US Dollars

2. The spirituality of the Elementary child

Workshop in Spanish

Para María Montessori, el niño es “la esencia de la espiritualidad”.

El niño cuenta con una vida interior que lo mueve a encontrar sentido en su vida, a ser responsable de su persona, y favorecer su capacidad de servicio hacia otros. Pero, sobre todo, a desarrollar una gratitud inmensa hacia todos aquellos que viven y trabajan para él de forma anónima.

Desafortunadamente, en nuestra sociedad actual, prevalece la satisfacción personal inmediata, y el uso indiscriminado de tecnología que no deja espacio para la reflexión y la apreciación por el otro. En este clima, ¿será posible hablar de espiritualidad en los niños de 6 a 12 años?

Una forma es proteger la concentración, la reflexión, y la capacidad de asombro hacia las cosas cotidianas. Aunado a esto, será favorecer la toma de conciencia sobre la importancia de encontrar su proyecto de vida, su lugar en la sociedad y su rol en la armonía del mundo que los rodea.

Este taller profundizará en formas prácticas para ayudar a los niños a fortalecer su espiritualidad, a que se sientan satisfechos de sus logros, a través del trabajo, de su esfuerzo y de su capacidad de servicio y principalmente a fortalecer su apreciación por la importancia de vivir en armonía ayudándonos y valorándonos los unos a los otros.

Dates and time

Saturday, May 18

9:00am-1:00am (PST)


Carmela Fierro


$35 US Dollars

3. Helps develop independence in the first years of life

Workshop in English

Independence is not something that can be forced or imposed; Independence is a conquest that is achieved through the effort of the child and authentic collaboration of the adult. A collaboration that allows her to develop her human potential and feel accompanied in this beautiful process of becoming the person she is destined to be. In this workshop  you will learn  more about the development of independence in the first years of life and how  to prepare  an environment of authentic collaboration.


Alejandra Rosas

Dates and times

Saturday, September 14, 2024.

9:00am-11:30am (Tijuana Time)


$35 US Dollars

Below, we show you a list of some potencial worships that you can offer in your school to aid in the successful functioning of a Montessori Environment.

  1. Learning to go to the bathroom.
  2. Importance of practical life activities.
  3. Tools to create a relationship of growth and harmony between the Guide and the Assistant.
  4. Improve children’s interactions within school.
  5. Practical life in the children’s community, Children’s House to Workshop.
  6. Importance of language in the first 6 years of life.
  7. Emotional development of children.
  8. Essential Classroom Management Strategies for a Montessori Environment (0-3, 3-6, 6-12)
  9. Communication techniques: How to talk to parents about their children.
  10. Development of Independence in the school environment.
  11. How to detect problems in child development in time and where to go?
  12. Freedom and Discipline within a Montessori environment
  13. Basic aspects of Montessori Philosophy in Workshop
  14. Concentration through purposeful work in a Workshop environment


“The social victory of women will be a maternal victory, destined to improve, to make the human species stronger”

Maria Montessori

Talks and Workshops for Parentes

Help parents in your community discover how to provide a Montessori education at home. Through our talks for parents and practical workshops you will be able to guide you in preparing your home to nurture the optimal development of your children in an environment of harmony.

At Montessori Stoppani we offer talks and workshops tailored to the needs of your school community.

We offer these workshops online or at your school.

Below we show you some topics as suggestions:

  1. Five reasons why you should choose a Montessori education for your child.
  2. Strategies to boost your child’s ability to concentrate
  3. How can I help my child develop physical and psychological independence?
  4. Children’s Community – Young Children and Language Development: Tips for Conversing and Encouraging Language Development
  5. Maintain a harmonious environment at home with young children.
  6. Tantrums: how to prevent and manage?
  7. Freedom with discipline in the home environment.
  8. Practical Life Activities for the home: cooking, gardening, etc.
  9. Freedom with discipline at home with workshop children

Contact us to create a workshop according to the needs of your children’s community.

We have an incredible team of speakers that includes doctors with experience teaching Montessori courses around the world, Teachers with more than 20 years of experience, Psychologists and AMI Trainers.

Nest and Child Community Supervision

School Consultation.

Montessori schools that wish to have close monitoring of the functioning of the environments for 0 to 3 years old.

We visit your school, observe your environments and meet with your teachers to accompany them in their work with the children. 

Supervision is carried out by the AMI Trainer Alejandra Rosas or Gabriela Velázquez.

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