What our students are saying

Becoming a Montessori Teacher transforms your life and expands your perspective of the world!

Ale Rosas is a talented AMI trainer who guides adult learners with an engaging, precise and practical style. She balances Montessori philosophy, child development and current research to create an experience for trainees that is authentic and pragmatic. In addition, she takes into account adult learner’s needs and tailors her courses to each unique cohort. You will be excited and well-prepared to use and share the rich knowledge acquired with her skilled direction.  

Karey L.- 0-3 Trainer


Mi experiencia en la formación de asistentes de la infancia con Ale Rosas fue muy enriquecedora. Un aprendizaje donde superé límites, pude enfrentar diferentes desafíos. Es un aprendizaje integral - intelectual y emocional. ¡Una transformación! 

Vanessa - Guía 0-3


At the end of the diploma course, you will be well-prepared to lead your Montessori environment and support families. Undoubtedly, this is a comprehensive and essential training if you want to work in the early  childhood. 

Idoia - 0-3 Guide


Cristina has shown from the very beginning her passion for the Montessori education and this motivates us to continue to deepen our knowledge and commitment for the children. 

Ánglea - 3-6 Trainee


Ale always conveyed to us the seriousness and commitment that comes with being a part of this profession, encouraging us towards personal development and growth, with the hope for a better world.

Karen - 0-3 Guide

El Salvador