3-6 AMI Guide / Glendale, Wisconsin

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May 1st, 2024




4650 North Port Washington Road, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212


North Shore Montessori School


  • 3-6 AMI Guide

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*Sponsorship Opportunity*

Your creativity and autonomy will be honored as you inspire the
love of learning within your classroom. As a valued team member of
our non-profit, independent Montessori school community, you will
be well compensated with a competitive salary, health insurance
stipend, retirement fund match, an annual classroom material
allowance, professional development, an 80% tuition discount,
optional summer hours, and reimbursement of 50% of your training fees over three years.

We are located five miles from downtown Milwaukee with access to
parks, the Milwaukee River, and our all natural playscape.
Montessori mentors and a life coach are available to support
work/life balance as you grow in your Montessori career among others who care as deeply.


Tracy Theisen, Head of School


Página Web: www.montessorinorthshore.org


+1 414-906-8900